Elegant Excellence Goals Journal + Workshops

For a lifestyle of more joy, less overwhelm

Elegant Excellence Goals Journal + Workshops

For a lifestyle of more joy, less overwhelm


“This has changed the way I see the world! You’ve revolutionized my productivity, negative self-talk, and planning. It truly has altered my life in the best possible way.”

- Karissa

“Page 26. Combined with the audio teaching? MAGICAL.
It’s like a career coach and a therapist all in one!"

- Heather
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do, let alone have time for your goals and dreams?

There is a beautiful, though less traveled path, in which you do not have to choose either a successful life or a healthy and balanced one. Where you can choose your dreams, without choosing them over the people and things in your life that matter most. Where you can choose less, but it’s better.

After all, you are the CEO of your own life.

And you can make a new choice any day: To say no, to simplify, to believe a new thought, to challenge yourself, to grow, or to rest. On this path, you get to strive for excellence — being brilliant, dreaming bigger, choosing well, working on the right things... And do it with elegance — palms up, releasing perfection, choosing gratitude, feeling peaceful, joyful, and abundant. Here's how...

You can radically change your life in just 6 months.

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Take a look inside...

THE PORTRAIT: My experience is you can radically change your life in just 6 months. Therefore this journal is set up as a journey of that length, whereby we slow down and truly reconsider who we are and what life we dream of creating ten years, three years, and one year from now. With guided audio teaching to accompany this journal, we uncover our dreams, then use my signature Domino, Arrow, Amplifier Method to avoid overwhelm and identify our key goals.

THE PATH: Today as you begin, and again 90 days from now, we’ll use my token method of The Path to organize our goals and projects for the next 3-6 months. In parts one and two of our video workshop, we’ll gain clarity in creating a map that’s best for you.

THE PRIORITIES: With the twice yearly and quarterly exercises in mind, you’ll get focused on the right priorities for your month. This is when we start to combine tangible and digital. In parts three and four of our video workshop, I walk you through how to use your calendar or project management system to honor everything occurring in your life, and truly map out and track projects for success. This teaching will help you over time to better understand how much you can do and how long things will take, for less frustration, healthier expectations, and more pride in what you accomplish.

THE PLAN + THE PRESENCE: Taking our clarity into our days, we can see what the most important things are this week, while also slowing down to notice our celebrations, thoughts, shifts, and next steps. As we track our tasks digitally, we don’t lose this creative appointment to breathe life, joy, and new ideas into our actions.

THE WAND: Then add magic. The more days you do this practice, the more days you will feel empowered, in control, and happier. Therefore there aren’t daily pages to “get behind” on here. Instead, an encouragement to do this practice daily on your phone’s notes app, your tangible diary, or written on the back of a receipt in line for school pick-up. Thus, while you may not carry this journal with you daily, you can utilize this powerful principle that often.

Hear what’s inside the journal in this podcast episode...

Love notes from our journal owners


“This is vision-casting and a goal planning method to help your day-to-day feel like it’s contributing toward your dream life. Thank you!”

- Arielle