Goal setting + life coaching, for outer + inner clarity, calm + confidence



“This has changed the way I see the world! You’ve revolutionized my productivity, negative self-talk, and planning. It truly has altered my life in the best possible way.”

- Karissa


Elegant Excellence


We belive there is, and we are, enough.

We strive to be more excellent – dreaming bigger, choosing well, and elegant – releasing perfection, choosing gratitude.

It’s a lifestyle of ambition yet ease, choosing less but better.

If you’re burned out or yearning, yet believe you’re meant for a beautiful life in which you feel more at home in yourself, you m’dear are in the right place.



Elegant Excellence


What sets this method apart is pairing both the outside and inside for genuine peace and pride.
  • The outside of our life is goal setting, organization, productivity – what we want to make happen.

  • The inside is self-coaching, self-compassion, inner wisdom – how we want to feel, guided by the #1 person who has the right answers for us: ourselves. Neither can succeed without the other.

Our journal lives in the sweet spot between your daily planner, project management software, or calendar that keeps your to do’s and appointments. And the growth you’re exploring in therapy, podcasts, and self-help books. They meet here, in this sacred space with ourselves to craft lives and cultivate selves for more authentic joy.


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The Portrait Version (start here)

  • 01 Vision Casting + Goal Setting

  • 02 Seasonal Plans + Priorities

  • 03 Daily-ish Self Coaching

The Pursuit Version (continue here)

  • 01 Life Coaching Eassays

  • 02 Seasonal Plans + Priorities

  • 03 Daily-ish Self Coaching


(if your pocket is 7x8 otherwise your purse, couch, airplane seat oh my)


The Set


Until March 28th save $5 + only pay shipping once when you purchase the complete set.

Start with our signature Portrait. Get a discount and save on shipping when you complete your set with the Pursuit journal to continue the method until you feel it’s time to vision cast again with a new Portrait!

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What's included in The Set:

The Portrait

Only buying one? Start here. Inside you’ll find 3 tabs…


The Portrait Section: discovers dreams, casts vision, unveils your personality and clarifies priorities as you envision your future, learn from your past, and live it out in the present. We look back over our last 12 months, then ahead 10 years, 3, and then 12-18 months to choose priorities today that mean the most to us.


The Priorities Section: supports your affirmations, prayers, wins, friendships, life balance, and tracking your open projects through the season you’re in. Each page repeats a 2nd time and you’re guided to start afresh when you reach the middle of your Presence pages.


The Presence Section: includes 20 prompts to choose from for daily-ish journaling with love notes throughout and reminders to revisit earlier pages to go deeper. This is where you’re present with yourself, and think about the presence you want to show up with in your day.

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The Pursuit

Get it with your Portrait and save! Inside you’ll find 3 tabs…


The Pursuit Section: helps you live out your vision and reach your goals with life coaching essays. These solidify our core mindset teachings and beliefs as you pursue the life and self you desire.


The Priorities Section: same!


Presence section: same! (With extra pages in this section.)

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The Garden Party

6 month membership, journal owners save 33%

  • A monthly theme on topics such as confidence, jealousy, friendship, or money mindset.

  • Includes teaching from Hilary, experts, and researchers via written teachings, videos, and our signature Slow Session audios to hear more from yourself while you journal, walk, drive, or clean the house.

  • Connect with Hilary for coaching, and one another for how we’re using the journal, encouragement and support, insights and breakthroughs, and perhaps finding a new friend in a community of incredibly kind, growth-minded individuals!

  • This space was requested by our journal users and we’re thrilled to deliver!

$175  $114


Love notes from our journal owners


Elegant Excellence


This teaching evolved on my own journey to heal my anxiety and overwhelm, and wildly improve my mental/emotional health to feel more inner confidence in my every day. Thousands of you have joined me on the journey...

  • 2013

    I crafted the first signature exercises to support my earliest years pursuing a big new dream, launching a business, and shared them in my first book.

  • 2014

    Created additional exercises helping me find clarity in choosing priorities, confidence in celebrating my growth, and shared them in free annual planning workshops for this community.

  • 2016

    Coined the phrase Elegant Excellence to describe how I wanted my life and work to feel, and began teaching on mindset.

  • 2019

    Launched the You’re Welcome Podcast and crafted an expanded method of decision making, progress tracking, and life coaching: the first Elegant Excellence Journal was born. She didn’t look fancy, but helped hundreds of us with too much on our plates, and I saw there was something here.

  • 2020

    We launched the first professionally published journal with expanded teaching on understanding yourself and your thoughts as you move throughout your days and seasons.

  • 2022

    Daily inspired by a piece of artwork on my desk by my favorite artist I had the vision to bring that beauty into our hands to inspire our dreaming and reflection, unveiling our first fine art covers.

  • 2023

    For our 10-year anniversary, we revamped making it smaller and lighter, and the content undated to provide more flexibility and support for your unique lifestyle. And released two versions of the journal, The Portrait + The Pursuit, as the perfect pair to guide you through your year.



Hello! I’m Hilary.

(waves from Brooklyn)


I moved to New York City when cast as a dancer on the Broadway Tour of 42nd Street, went on to perform many seasons as a singer with the Radio City Rockettes, and all the jazz.

In 2011 I started a personal styling business on the side and fell in love with entrepreneurship and helping women feel more joy.If you feel you’re keeping a lot of balls in the air, trying to pay the bills, pursue your dreams, and have enough space to truly look around and enjoy your life, I can relate in both my past and present careers!

The wonderful news is this path of Elegant Excellence I’ve been on for years now, it works! I’ve made my anxiety calmer, softened my triggers, am kinder to myself, wiser in my priorities. Life isn’t always easy but it’s far easier as I’ve cultivated this inner confidence, clarity, and calm thanks to this work.

And it’s not just about you! The kinder we are to ourselves, the kinder we become to others. The more space we create in our lives, the more space we have to connect with others. We’re here to support the biggest dreams you have for your life, even if that means a simpler life, and believe that the happier and healthier you are, so too is everyone around you.

When I’m not trying to change the world one beautiful human at a time (wink) I’m cheering loudly at Brooklyn Nets games with my husband, using our passports whenever possible (always bringing along my ElEx Journal), and smitten with our kitten, Freddie Cappuccino. His name means peaceful presence and he lives up to his name inviting us throughout the day to slow, be in the moment, and marvel at the world we get to live in. (Next I can’t wait to hear your story and get to know you inside our ElEx Community!)



Meet the cover artist

Alison Rash is a longtime friend and one of my favorite artists. A mama of two and stage four breast cancer survivor, her work has been shown in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Venice, Mexico City, and Tokyo. Ali writes poignantly about staying present with an uncertain future, finding the beauty and joy in an imperfect life. Already a fan of the Elegant Excellence Journal and so aligned with the mission, she is thrilled to be a part of letting her beauty inspire your own.


I’m new here. Where do I start?

Welcome! Start with The Set. When it arrives, begin with The Portrait first. This will guide you through vision casting and goal setting as you reflect on your past, envision your ideal future, and discern the next right steps to get there in your present. Then when you reach the end of your pages, continue in The Pursuit. In lieu of the initial vision casting section, you’ll find life coaching essays on our core principles and beliefs to go deeper, while you continue the rhythms you created in The Priorities Section, and find extra pages in the Presence Section for more daily-ish journaling.

What are the differences between the Portrait + the Pursuit?

The Portrait is our original teaching that’s helped thousands get clear on what they really want, why, and how to get there. It’s the name of the journal as well as the first section of 50+ pages reflecting on lessons from your past, hopes for your future, and creating a spacious present. You can work through this a page a day while using all 3 sections at once: Portrait, Priorities, Presence. Or make it your weekend date to dive in for an hour or two at a time. Or gift yourself a 1-2 day retreat when you’re really ready for a breakthrough to complete The Portrait section on its own. There’s no wrong way or order in which to use it!

The Pursuit has the same Priority and Presence Sections you love, as you live out your vision casting with life coaching essays to encourage you on the journey with foundational mindset teachings. This part is shorter than The Portrait, so you get extra pages in the Presence Section to deepen your self-coaching for more self-awareness, self-compassion, and confidence!

If you’re a power journaler like me, I’m likely to use 2 Pursuit journals before it’s time for me to vision cast again in The Portrait, but as they’re undated it’s completely supportive of your rhythms and however fast or slow you use the pages, you have options of what best supports you next.

Is this a daily planner?

Nope! The Elegant Excellence journal works in tandem with what you’re using now to keep track of your to-do's/tasks and calendar/appointments, whether you use a paper planner or project management software, wall calendar or online calendar. 

Personally, I believe that most people should be using online options as it allows for more easily adjusting priorities by dragging and dropping, moving lower priorities out of sight, and collaborating with other people in your life whether your wedding planner, dog sitter, or sister who trades school pick-up with you. Running your life on paper alone in my experience leaks time and leads to more dropped balls.

However, there is true magic in writing and being surrounded by visually pretty things! Therefore the Elegant Excellence Journal puts you in the right energetic space to dream, reflect, and problem solve personally, leaving you inspired and refreshed to go back to a screen for organizing and action.

Is there support if I get stuck or confused?

Yes! We are thrilled to announce the Elegant Excellence Community at the request of our journal owners over the years. Not only is this a space to get help and support, and to connect and build relationships within a like-minded, supportive community – there’s also new content every month!

Each month we explore a theme such as confidence, friendship, jealousy, or money mindset. Learning from myself, experts, and researchers you’ll receive written, video, and my signature Slow Sessions audio teaching on that topic. The combination of these mediums allows us to explore the topic from a variety of angles to live it out in the pursuit of more joy and less overwhelm. All in 20 minute or less sessions with an app for easy access when you sit to journal or are on the go!

What are the shipping + return details?

We ship anywhere in the world. Your shipping rate is calculated via the US Postal Service on the checkout page. When you order two or more journals you save on shipping without having to remember to come back and reorder! As a small business without our own warehouse, all sales are final. If you have a more specific concern full details are here.

Hear from Hilary on What’s New in our Fifth Edition




The Set


Until March 28th save $5 + only pay shipping once when you purchase the complete set.

$58  $53


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