The Garden Party (6 month membership)

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  • Community: Easily accessible via app or desktop, off social media, with the kindest crew on the internet

  • Course: A new monthly topic including video, audio, and written teaching from Hilary, experts, and researchers

  • Coaching: The main space Hilary is present to give advice, feedback, and share more personally in a private setting

  • Convenience: Teachings are 20 minutes or less to easily consume when you sit to journal, walk, or get ready with reminders to help cultivate a rhythm of journaling + growth

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Created at the request of Elegant Excellence Journal owners

The aim of living with more peace in your life and pride in yourself is a complex and ongoing journey. It's about the wisdom within the journal pages and yourself, yet also continuing to welcome in wisdom to go deeper. The Garden Party, founded in 2022, is the space that's addressed every desire from our journal owners and supports you in the best possible way. With the kindest group of people on the internet - and today you get to join us.

Here’s what awaits you inside each month

  1. Monthly Theme for More Joy, Less Overwhelm

    Each pairs with the aims of the journal to go deeper on topics like jealousy, confidence, friendship, sex and pleasure, or money mindset. Each piece of content is 20 minutes or less to support you when you sit down to journal, or organically go about your day whether driving, putting on your makeup, or cooking. You never need an hour to feel more growth and goodness daily.

  2. Backed by Research, Data + Experts

    Our monthly teaching includes essays looking to research and experts on the topic, coming from a variety of angles and sources. We welcome in a variety of viewpoints and experiences, to meet you where you’re at in your own season of life.

  3. Video Teaching from Hilary

    You can watch or just listen to the audio while you’re in motion. I share my personal thoughts and experiences on the topic, and where I’ve grown or am growing.

  4. Signature Slow Session

    An audio meditation with somatic practices, prompts, and calm music to accompany as you journal your answers or simply hear your own thoughts as you drive, walk, or fold laundry. (Our students looooove these!)

  5. Coaching with Hilary

    I get 100’s of DMs and reply as much as I can! However, this private community is the main space where I invest my time to serve you the most and give the deepest replies so I can help the most people. This is where we build relationships with one another, and the rest of the community.

  6. Accountability + Encouragement

    The more you use your journal and these mindset teachings, the more you’ll truly feel the change in your life. Our weekly emails and notifications in the group will keep you on track with support and reminders.

  7. A Beautiful Community

    A special space where you can cultivate new adult friendships with growth-minded folks that inspire and support you. Unlike the one way dialogue on social media, this is where everyone is an equal part of the community. (Read our reviews below to hear more!)

  8. Easy to Access Right on your Phone

    All this on an app that’s easy to access and use right from your phone. (Or there’s a desktop version if you prefer.) No going to your email, hunting for the right one. This is about meeting you where you’re at before that first cup of coffee as you sit down on your couch with your journal, or head out with it on a short lunch break. This is going to feel so good.


How much time do I need to get the most out of this community?

That’s up to you! Each piece of content is 20 minutes or less to support you when you sit down to journal, or organically go about your day whether driving, putting on your makeup, or cooking. You never need an hour to feel more growth and goodness daily. Inside the community, it only takes one minute to leave an encouraging comment! Or you may spend ten minutes sharing how you’re feeling or what you’re struggling with, then feel the love as others reply in the days to come!

How is the monthly content delivered?

Everything is in the community portal that you can access easily via your computer or app on your tablet or smartphone! Just log in and you can access all the monthly content and connect with other members (no need to be a member of other social media platforms like Facebook!) We send a weekly email that reminds you of the content and highlights some of the best conversations happening in the group lately. Plus guide you to set up your notifications so you get the right amount of reminders for you about checking in to engage and experience what’s available.

What if I want to cancel my membership? Is there a money back guarantee? 

If you dive in and feel it’s not right for you, you can cancel within 7 days. After 7 days, if you decide the membership isn't for you, you can cancel your renewal. Canceling the renewal prevents your payment method from being charged again when your 6-month or 12-month subscription ends. You'll continue to be able to access and benefit from the membership through the last day of your subscription.  I believe in the community and the resources I’m creating for you and want to make sure you’re thrilled with it!

What people are saying…

“The Garden Party has been wonderful! I was quite nervous at first after having left social media a couple years ago due to the prevailing toxic atmosphere and comparison issues it raised in me, but The Garden Party has been nothing like social media at all! I love and appreciate how vulnerable and encouraging everyone is and the insight into other perspectives and ways of living. I also love how much members encourage one another! Now, I’m feeling less alone and like there is something inherently wrong with me.”


“In The Garden Party, while I'm not much of a "sharer," the best part is knowing that I’m not alone. The most impactful lessons were the Slow Sessions. To be honest, it scares me to slow down, so I was often reticent to hit play. But when I overcame my fear and spent time with myself, I had “ahas” that will stay with me forever. My phrase for this year is ‘Be purposeful with your beautiful self.’ This phrase would not have been possible without this!”


“The Garden Party helped me feel like I was less alone. Today, I am feeling more calm and peaceful.”